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To pattern write or not to pattern write?

I started designing this quilt about 8 years ago. It all started with one piece of fabric I bought at Gail’s Patchwork Emporium in Ballarat. I love all things vintage and Jane Austen. I also have a fondness for pink and black together. So out of this one piece of fabric I started a journey of designing, fabric collecting and stitching.

Pink and Black Vintage Quilt

The layout was pretty simple and didn’t really change from the beginning. I wanted this quilt to be about the fabric and the appliqués. The first block I designed was the Cameo and that is really how the blocks got their look.

I really love the idea of appliqué blocks of simple black silhouettes with pink accents on them, just like the cameo with a light shell/stone image on front and a dark background. I wanted it to be ornate and pretty so I accentuated each block with beads, lace or buttons.

Cameo Block


Shoe Block

Vintage Boot

Handbag Block

Victorian Purse

Bonnet Block

Victorian Bonnet

Fan Block

Lace Fan

It took me a while to create each block as I researched ideas and drew lots of sketches. When I was finally happy with a sketch I would then draw it up on the computer and play with it some more.

I did one block at a time, finishing one and looking for inspiration for the next… which sometimes was months later. When I finally finished all the blocks it was time to put it all together. I had collected the hanger right back in the beginning so new what size it had to be, so I couldn’t add anything else to it. So after a little advice from my Dad… yes ladies, Dads and Husbands sometimes have the best ideas and advice, it all came together.

9 Patch Block in between appliqués (it was the pink shoe fabric in the middle on the right which started it all).

I had the wonderful Anita from Hillside Quilting quilt it for me. It has been finished for a while now and my plan was to write the pattern as a ‘Block of the Month’. But it was such a long journey from beginning to end that I really just wanted to enjoy it for a while before I attempted to write the pattern. Then we moved on to Macarons and Hedgehogs and I really wasn’t sure if I should write the pattern or just enjoy it as a very special project.

So what do you think? Would you like me to write the pattern?

Leave a comment and let me know what you think.

Happy Quilting

Shez Signiture

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13 Responses

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  1. Sharon says

    Oh this is a beautiful quilt. I would love it if you honored us with a pattern….I am also a huge fan of Jane Austin. It is just gorgeous…congratulations.

  2. Sherryl says

    Thanks so much Sharon. I really appreciate your feedback :-)

  3. Amanda says

    Do it… have a good friend that will help you! And go Daddy, he is so lovely! X

  4. Sherryl says

    Hee hee, thanks Amanda!!

  5. Kathleen Garraway says

    Your Quilt is fantastic. Congradulations.

  6. Billie K says

    It would be a wonderful pattern

  7. gail wing-tang says

    love this….and would love for it be a pattern….just gorgeous

  8. Sherryl says

    Thanks Gail, we really appreciate your feedback, we might just have to write the pattern :-)

  9. Janet says

    Is this pattern available?

  10. Sherryl says

    Hi Janet, thanks so much for your intrest. At this stage I haven’t written the pattern, I am still undecided if I will write it or not. We have so many ideas and not enough time for them all. If you like I can let you know if I do write the pattern. :-)

  11. Janet James says

    I would love the pattern! My aunt and my mother would too!!

  12. Rachael says

    This is so beautiful! Would love the pattern please.

  13. Sherryl says

    Hi Rachael, thanks so much!! I might look at bringing it out this year :-)

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