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Flamingo Fandango Header

Flamingo Fandango Quilt

Downloadable Pattern $16.95 AUD

Flamingo Fandango QuiltFinished Size: 48in x 58in (122cm x 147cm)

Inspired by the Fandango (an old Spanish courtship dance), the amazing courtship dance of the flamingo, and vintage flamingo lawn ornaments: here is our NEW pattern ‘Flamingo Fandango’.

The lawn flamingos are dancing in the sunset surrounded by bulrushes and waterlilies while the mayflies and a ladybird watch on. Then it’s finished with a zigzag/chevron border.

Mayfly and Ladybug

The fabric used is from Nancy Halvorsen’s range called ‘Curiosities’.

Flamingo Lawn Ornaments

Plastic Pink Flamingos

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2 Responses

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  1. Kieryn Mengel says

    Hello I was just wondering
    if you sell your quilts at all?
    I just love the ‘Flamingo Fandingo’ Quilt it’s beautiful
    And would look great in my daughters nursery who is due to arrive this September :)
    Unfortunately I’m not sewer otherwise I’d attempt to make it myself. If you sell your Quilts I’d love to know how much your selling ‘The Flamingo Fandingo’ Quilt for in a Single or Cot Size. Thanks for you time.
    Kieryn Mengel

  2. Kieryn Mengel says

    Sorry ‘Flamingo Fandango’ my mistake.

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